Braley-Gray Services

Over our 75 year history, Braley-Gray has expanded our product support services, to
assist our customers in design, layout, product selection, commissioning, and maintenance.

Design Assistance

Having walked countless jobsites over the last 75 years, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t and can help with project design, product sizing, and selection:
  • Thermostatic mixing valves
  • Roof, floor, and trench drains
  • Fixture carriers
  • Emergency equipment ANSI compliance
  • Ligature resistant products
  • ADA and Bariatric products

Rainwater Harvesting

With over 50 rainwater projects under our belt, Braley-Gray has a depth of experience in designing systems, to include: water collection, pre-filtration, storage (above or below ground), disinfection, pump, delivery, and control.

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Vacuum Plumbing

We’ve worked with companies like Tesla, The Polyclinic, Port of Portland, New Season’s Market, etc., that have selected vacuum plumbing as an innovative approach to address a variety of waste-line challenges.

Vacuum plumbing pulls effluent through the piping network, resulting in no vents, smaller pipe diameter, lower water consumption and maximum design flexibility. Installation of the piping network is more like installing electrical conduit, where piping runs up walls and through the ceiling chase.
Addresses these challenges:
  • Infection control
  • Problematic foundation or soil conditions
  • Tenant improvement disruption
  • LEED – water conservation
  • Tight schedule
  • Renovation in historical building
  • Long trench-runs

Bathroom Design

Bathroom design is our specialty (on both sides of the finished wall).
  • Broad range of manufacturers, styles, applications
  • Custom design options
  • ADA, bariatric, ligature resistant
  • Water conservation
  • Carrier selection


We’ve been involved with a broad range of healthcare projects, and understand the unique design challenges for healthcare plumbing fixtures, to include infection control, bariatric, ligature resistance, ADA, patient care fixtures, etc.